BACF1041 Logon and pswd fields missing after IPL
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BACF1041 Logon and pswd fields missing after IPL


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ACF2 Top Secret


The LOGON changes were made on the CONSOLxx member to meet the BACF1041 requirements.

After that, an IPL was done and the operator was unable to input any command on that console and the LOGON/Pswd fields were not displayed. The following message was observed:


Only after the command  V CN(xxxxxxx),LOGON(REQUIRED) was issued the logon/pswd fields were shown and logon (and command entering) was possible.


What may cause this?


Release : 16.0


When a system is IPLing, Console processing will check to see if/when the ESM product is active via a RACROUTE request. When it becomes active, Console will then issue an internal LOGON for those Consoles that must LOGON in order to issue commands. At that time, the LOGON parms will be presented on the screen so the operator can supply the information and LOGON. IF the operator clears the screen at that time (CLEAR key, PA2 key), then the LOGON parms will be cleared and CONSOLE will not write the LOGON parms again, UNLESS the operator issues a LOGON command on the Console they want to use.

What was observed during the IPL would seem to imply that the operator cleared the screen, hence never completed the internal LOGON after the security product became active.