Symantec Directory : Assertion failure on caFilterNorm.c591
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Symantec Directory : Assertion failure on caFilterNorm.c591


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CA Directory


From time to time, you see the following assertion failure message in DSA's alarm log. And sometimes with that, you also see "Service Error 3" reported in the summary log and wondering what can cause this and how to address it.

In Alarm log:
[72] 20230105.031130.483 Assertion failed (r:/

In Summary log:
[72] 20230105.031130.483 #4635220.002 (SEARCH) : 3 deep subtree complex : Service Error 3


Release : 14.1


The mentioned assertion will be observed when a search with empty filter being specified and submitted to the DSA. The best course of action would be identify those queries, correct it and resubmit it. If you are not sure what the query is, you may chose to define a query log for the DSA. Please refer to our Symantec Directory online docops product manuals on how to setup a query log for a specific DSA.