System health test for "Solera DB" fails periodically
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System health test for "Solera DB" fails periodically


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The Solera DB System Health test monitors for dropped messages from all providers.  If a dropped message is found, then the next run of the test will report a fail.  The number of dropped messages from the providers might be as little as 1. 


When the number of results from a provider is extreme and the I/O bandwidth of the disks is exceeded by reads and writes, the System Health test "Solera DB" will report as failed. There may be other causes, also.


It is recommend to contact technical support for further review.  If the number of test failures is only a few per day, then this might be acceptable.  It must be determined by each instance.  For example, 10 drops of 50,000 provider results per day could be insignificant.

If every test fails each day, then there may be other problems.