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Clarification on -Dcom.uc4.ecc.config.dir and -Dcom.uc4.ecc.autoinstall.dir=


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


Should the -Dcom.uc4.ecc.config.dir and -Dcom.uc4.ecc.autoinstall.dir settings in tomcat, websphere, and weblogic install files into their set directories?  Or are they just meant to read from those directories?

For example, if you follow these steps, what is meant to happen?

  1. Update the apache tomcat JVM settings to have -Dcom.uc4.ecc.config.dir setting to something like C:\automic\awi_config\
  2. Restart tomcat
  3. Place the awi.war file into the apache tomcat /webapps folder


Release : 12.3, 21.0


These flags are there only so that the AWI reads from their respective directory.  

Deploying a new war or version version of the war files will not distribute new files to the folder specified in the -Dcom.uc4.ecc.config.dir variable, it will read from it.  

This means that in the example above, there is one extra step after deployment (step 3) which is to copy the tomcat /webapps/awi/config contents into the C:\automic\awi_config directory