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Ad_Server probe's options: Request for clarifications about "description_hex" key


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Ad_Server probe v.2.03 is utilized by our current Domain Controller (wv218).

In addition, we have added a secondary Domain Controller (wv2610)  and set the same options as the first one.

The "HEX" key and name are existing inside the ad_server probe that has been deployed inside the pro existing domain controller's robot.

How could I add and what kind of values for the new domain controller's robot (if needed).

I have no experience about adding a key regarding "Hex"


Release : 20.4


- The "description_hex" is the hex string version of the "description" string, it should be updated automatically when you change the "description" via cfg UI, it should not be changed manually.

- The same thing for the "name_hex", it is the hex string version of the "name" of the counter and it should not be changed manually as well;