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Issue using CA 7 REST API with restricted userid


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CA 7 Workload Automation


We have installed the CA 7 components to support the CA 7 REST API. The components installed were : 

  1. CA 7 REST API server listening on secure port 28443
  2. CA 7 Data server listening on port 19000
  3. CA 7 Datacom
  4. CA 7 listening on port 980 


When a user tries to access CA 7 using zowe and the CA 7 REST API they get an error response back from the REST API. 

The userid they are using to access CA 7 with is a restricted userid (no password required). Informed the users to not specify any password on the API request as any password specification is invalid. 

  1. Is the fact that they are providing a 'password' of some kind the cause of their problem and if so what needs to be modified to allow the API request to be successful?
  2. Is the cause of the problem not related to the password but something else?. If so, where can I look to see what the real cause of the problem is?




Release : 12.1


Unfortunately for the user it appears the zowe CLI does not allow one to omit the -password  option when using a userid that does not require a password. If the -password option is mandatory even when the userid does not have a password assigned then it looks like the solution to this problem is to assign a password to the userid. 

Confirmation from the Zowe development team and CLI does require a userid / password for authentification.