Sending email using GEL script to multiple addresses fails if one email is invalid.
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Sending email using GEL script to multiple addresses fails if one email is invalid.


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


If the email address is invalid for any recipient in the gel script generated email, then the email fails to send to any recipient (not even to the recipients with valid email addresses)

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Create simple process with GEL script below.
    • <gel:script xmlns:core="jelly:core" xmlns:file="jelly:com.niku.union.gel.FileTagLibrary" xmlns:gel="jelly:com.niku.union.gel.GELTagLibrary" xmlns:soap="jelly:com.niku.union.gel.SOAPTagLibrary" xmlns:soap-env="" xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:sql="jelly:sql" xmlns:util="jelly:util" xmlns:xog="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">

      <core:set value="[email protected]" var="v_AssignorEmail"/>
      <core:set value="PPM Administrator" var="v_AssignorName"/>

                  <gel:email from="${v_AssignorEmail}" fromName="${v_AssignorName}" to=";[email protected]" subject="Test Email Validation">
                  <!DOCTYPE html>
                    <P style="font-family:arial,helvetica,sans-serif;">Test Email</P></b>
                  <b>Email validation not working </b> <br>

  2. Attempt to run it.
  3. Notice no email is getting sent even to the correct email address

Expected Results: It is expected that email is sent to correct address even if another email is not valid 

Actual Results: it is not sending an email to even valid email address.


Release : 16.1.0


DE67957, Fix in 16.1.1.

While we have fixed this defect, however we decided the fix would be behind a system option whose default value is 0. This means the expected behavior described in this defect can be achieved only after enabling the system option(along with the current fix in place). Whatever is the current behavior (reported as a defect) would still be the default behavior. If any customer wants this new behavior, they will have to turn ON the system option. PFB the necessary steps.

  1. Update cmn_option_values set value = '1' where option_id = (select id from cmn_options where option_code = 'SKIP_EMAIL_ADDRESS_PARSING');
    • Note: you may have to commit this change
  2. Restart the services/Flush the caches by going to security.caches pages