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In Capacity Analytics module of OI, we don't see all available metrics only in PROD tenant


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DX Operational Intelligence


In other tenants (non production), we get all the metrics available.

But in production we don't.



Release : 22.1


- After adding systemedge(.*) in metric grouping number of metrics went from 4 to 400.

- Reviewed how to pull the metrics into a capacity report:
  - Go to OI.
  - Select capacity analytics -> click on service name.
  - Select metric -> entities and then select the entities of the month you wish.

- Reviewed adding more metrics into projection settings:
  - Perform the setup in the metric configuration.  In the metric configuration, enable the metrics that have the pct metric unit.
  - if you don't have pct metric unit, instead choose 2 metrics, the maximum and current usage so it does the calculation for you.