Installation steps for IBM AIX VIO operating system
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Installation steps for IBM AIX VIO operating system


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This is the first time we are going to add monitoring to monitor IBM hypervisor operating system. Kindly help us with the correct agent and the installation steps for IBM AIX VIO operating system.  Can we use the Unix/AIX package for IBM AIX VIO operating system? Is IBM AIX VIO OS supported to run the UIM Robot?


Release: 20.4


- Guidance


The UIM Robot is not currently tested nor supported to run on the IBM AIX VIO OS.

Please refer to the UIM Compatibility Matrix for currently supported platforms:

DX UIM Compatibility Matrix


The latest GA version of the UIM Robot is supported on Power PC IBM AIX v6.x and 7.x.

-> IBM AIX, 6.1, 6.2, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2

Additional Information

As per IBM:

The VIO server runs a special version of the AIX operating system, with an additional software package called IOS. This software comes bundled and is managed independently of the usual operating system commands (for example, installp) and versioning structure (technology levels). It is similar to how HMCs have specialized software loaded onto a Linux kernel for a specific purpose. Note: Installing third-party software or altering the operating system through any means outside of the IOS typically invalidates support from IBM, so it's best to avoid modifying the server in any nonstandard, non-VIO way.

Although the IBM AIX VIO OS is not currently supported it may help to enter an enhancement request and ask others to vote on it via the community.

Please refer to the following url:

How to raise an enhancement request for UIM