OLE DB data source connection error during Risk Fabric cube processing job step
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OLE DB data source connection error during Risk Fabric cube processing job step


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The following error is logged on the job step Risk Fabric cube processing (16) while running the RiskFabric Processing job:

<Error ErrorCode="3238395904" Description="OLE DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error." Source="Microsoft Analysis Services" HelpFile="" /><Error ErrorCode="3239182436" Description="Errors in the high-level relational engine. A connection could not be made to the data source with the DataSourceID of 'RiskFabric', Name of 'RiskFabric'." Source="Microsoft Analysis Services" HelpFile="" />

The RiskFabric relational database is hosted on a named instance of SQL Server. No other database engine instances are hosted, including the default instance. In SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), the data source connection string pointing to the RiskFabric relational database specifies both the server and instance name hosting the database, rather than the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) with no reference to a specific instance. Port 1433 is open on the server hosting SQL Server. A SQL Server Profiler trace shows a connection established between the SSAS and SQL servers, but the connection abruptly closes during processing.


Release : 6.x


The default instance of the Microsoft SQL Server database engine listens for TCP connections on port 1433. Named instances use dynamic ports. In an environment in which specific ports or port ranges are restricted by firewall rules, the use of a named instance in the data source connection string causes a connection to be made using dynamic ports, resulting in connectivity failures even though port 1433 has been explicitly opened for communication between the two servers and only one database engine instance exists on the SQL Server.


Modify the data source connection string by following this procedure:

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  2. Connect to the Analysis Services server hosting the RiskFabric OLAP cube
  3. In Object Explorer, navigate to Databases > RiskFabric > Data Sources
  4. Right-click RiskFabric and select Properties
  5. In the Data Source Properties window, highlight the connection string and click the ellipsis icon to open the Connection Manager window
  6. In the Connection Manager window, edit the Server name field to use the FQDN of the SQL Server hosting the RiskFabric database
  7. Under Connect to a database, select RiskFabric from the dropdown labelled Select or enter a database name
  8. Click the OK button to save changes and close the Connection Manager window
  9. Click the OK button to close the Data Source Properties window