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When importing from the Modeling Gateway many connections are missing that are connecting into fanouts


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CA Spectrum


When using the Modeling Gateway and we are importing many connections, we can see that connections that are being placed into a container that connects into a fanout are not being created.

When we check in CLI we can see that the connections exist but they are not showing in OneClick.

As a workaround we can cut and paste one of the objects that is connected and OneClick will correctly draw the missing connections.  However, as we are importing thousands of connections we are not always aware of the missing connections.


Release : 21.2.x, 10.4.x


Bad code logic when evaluating connections with Is_Adjancent_to which also seems to affect Indirect_Adj_to.


This has been resolved and will be added into a future Spectrum release and can be tracked under DE542933.