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After applying 14.0.2 patch additional lines are added to text files checked out.


Article ID: 257201


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager


After applying the 14.0.2 patch we find that when checking out/in  .sh and .txt files a line feed is being put in each line!

Problem is seen for all users across all projects, whether using Workbench 14.0.0 or 14.0.2.

hco and hci command line utilities do not seem to experience the same issue.  Nor do files being used in an Eclipse workspace.

Appears to be isolated to files that Harvest designates as text files.  Files that Harvest believes are binary do not experience the same problem.

Examples provided in emails attached to the case and in the webex recording.

Backing out the 14.0.2 patch resolves the problem. 


Harvest Software Change Manager Release : 14.0


EFix was provided.    If you see this same problem after upgrading to 14.0.2, please contact support.