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DevTest Error message : Received fatal alert: unknown_ca


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Service Virtualization


While working on Devtest 10.7 REST step. I am unable to make https call, and getting below error. Earlier this was working fine.

| Message: Received fatal alert: unknown_ca


Release : 10.7


This error occurs due to the change in Server side certificates and DevTest is not able to trust the Certification Authority(ca) that has issues the server certificate.


The server certificate currently being used by the target application has been issued by zero or more intermediate CAs and one root CA whose public certificates are not present in the trustore( identified by configured with DevTest.

To resolve this error, reach out to the application team and ask for the public certificates of the intermediate CA(s) and the Root CA. Then import these certs into the truststore that DevTest is using and restart DevTest components.