Project is showing 'Converted' status after converting from Idea
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Project is showing 'Converted' status after converting from Idea


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The status of a Project is set to 'Convert' when using 'Convert to Project' on an Idea that has already been previously converted.

Steps to Reproduce: 

Create a Project Blueprint

  1. Log into MUX
  2. Go to Administration>>Blueprint
  3. Copy the Standard Project Blueprint
  4. Open the new Blueprint and click on 'Edit'
  5. Click on 'Create from Template'
  6. Search the Fields for Status and add to the template
  7. Click Publish

Create a Project Template

  1. Go to Project Grid view
  2. Add Blueprint and Template to the Columns if not already there
  3. Click Add
  4. Fill out required information
  5. Check the box in Template column to make it a Template

Create and Convert Idea

  1. Go to Idea Workspace
  2. Add 'Status' attribute to the columns
  3. Click Add Row
  4. Enter in Required information
  5. Update Status to Submitted for Approval
  6. Update Status again to Approved
  7. Right click Idea and select 'Convert to Project'
  8. Select the Project Template you created
  9. Enter name for Project and click 'Create'
  10. Project will be created with the 'Approved' status
  11. Go back to Idea Workspace
  12. Search for the Idea you had just converted
  13. Right click on the Idea and select 'Convert to Project'
  14. Select the Project Template
  15. Notice the Status shows 'Converted'
  16. Click 'Create'

Expected Results: Project will get created with the Status of 'Approved'

Actual Results:Project gets created with Status of 'Converted' which is an invalid status for a project.  Once it is created with this status, we are unable to change.


Release : 16.0.3, 16.1




Fixed in 16.1.1

Workaround - If the users use a blueprint with the 'Status' attribute under the 'Create from Template' section, they can change the status to Approved here.