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Messages are unexpectedly released from content quarantine


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Messaging Gateway


Email messages in the Messaging Gateway content quarantine are being unexpectedly released without an administrator approval.


Release : 10.8.0


When the content quarantine folders were originally created by an administrator they were configured with a default action of "Approve" and an upper limit on the number of days to store messages before the default action is taken. For example, the quarntine folder below has been configured to take the default policy action of Approve (Deliver message normally) after seven days. Also, if the maximum size of the quarantine folder is exceeded, the default action will be taken for the oldest messages in the quarantine until the total quarantine folder size is below the maximum folder size.


By default, Messaging Content Quarantine folders have the following settings i.e. there is no limit to how long messages will be stored and if the maximum size limit of the folder is exceeded the oldest messages will receive the configured policy Reject action.