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FQDN name of authenticated user not showing up consistently in Cloud SWG access logs


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


WSS Agent used to access internet via Cloud SWG services.

SAML authentication enabled for WSS Agent users, where SAML IDP server is Azure IDP.

Users access sites without issues but running reports against certain users does not show any expected matches i.e. running report of hits against certain domains, we seem to be missing users that are accessing that domain. is reported as protected for the users whose names are missing from the access logs.


WSS Agent 8.2.2.

Azure SAML Identity Server.


Bypassing authentication for domain.


Remove the authentication bypass for the domain.

Additional Information

When the WSS Agent starts the SAML authentication process after the tunnel has come up, the WSS Agent Webview plugin always issues a GET request for and expects a 307 redirect to in response. 

In our case, this GET request (where user agent is the browser and not the WSS Agent itself, which is used for healthchecks) is sent but with authentication bypassed for this domain, we simply forward it to the back end server and get the 200 OK response. We never complete the SAML authentication.


When SAML Authentication succeeds from the WSS Agent, we expect to see the following:

- GET request to gets a 307 redirect to

- subsequent GET request to triggers a 302 redirect from Cloud SWG service to SAML IDP server (Okta in example below)

- subsequent SAML AuthnRequest is sent to Okta IDP server where user authenticates and corresponding assertion is sent back to WSS.