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Deployment stuck in initializing state with a pre-deployment in Initialization Cancelled status


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)


A deployment is blocked in Initializing status :


It has a Pre-Deployment step in status "Initialization Cancelled" with error ""No servers were found for any server type of <step name>"


Release Automation - Any Versions


This problem occurs because Pre-Deployment has been started without assigned server.
This problem could occur when :
- Deployment has a Pre-Deployment step
- Deployment has been created with these options :
   * "Execute pre-deployment step manually. Allow pre-deployment step changes"
   * "Assign all servers in environment" is NOT checked


When a deployment is created with these options, the Deployment and Pre-Deployment step are in status "Initialization Pending".


If we click on run button, following error appears :
"Error - No servers were found for any server type of <step>."

And deployment is in status "Initalizing" with PRE-DEPLOYMENT in status "Initialization Cancelled" and with error  "No servers were found for any server type of <step>."


Deployment is initializing status should be deleted (see Additional Information section below).

To avoid this error, you could do this :
In step 2 during deployment creation check option "Assign all servers in environment" :


click on one Pre-deployment step and make sure that at least one server is assigned :

Do the same for other Pre-Deployment and Deployment steps 

Then execute the pre deployment step.

Additional Information

Deployment in initializing step could be deleted using the Trash icon :