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UI- On field Mapping, Filtered results are not returning expected results due to parent ID passed as 'null'


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Filters for Rally Objects and Clarity and Rally Fields are not returning any values. Using filters for 'Rally Object', 'Clarity Field' and 'Rally Field' attributes on subobjects are not returning any values for selection in the pull-down lookup list.  

Issue is observed  for the  below specific attributes mentioned in ( ) under 

  • Object Mappings  ( Rally Object )  
  • Object Mappings- Field Mappings ( Clarity Field , Rally Field ) 
  • Sub Object Mappings ( Clarity Object , Rally Object )  
  • Sub Object Mappings - Sub Field Mappings ( Clarity Field, Rally Field ) 
  • Lookup Mappings ( Rally Field )

Image 1 - Filter on Rally Objects and no values are returned - - should be an MVL listing


Image 2 - Filter on Clarity Field returns no values- - should be an MVL listing  


Image 3 - Filter on Rally Field returns no values - should be an MVL listing  


Expected Results: Filter lookups should return a list of values for selection. 

Actual Results: The fields can be configured in filtering and when attempting to use them, they do not return any values for filtering selection. This is because the Request URL is passing a null value into the parentID field. 

Workaround: Do not use these fields for filtering. 


Release 16.1.0 




DE66445 is fixed in Release 16.1.1. 

The 'Clarity Object', 'Rally Object', 'Clarity Field' and 'Rally Field' attributes are now removed from filtering, due to a limitation of how lookups work with relationships to a parent.