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Feature Request: Have AD Domain as a column in the devices grid and have it sortable


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Endpoint Security Complete


Feature Request: Have Domain as a column in the devices grid and have it sortable. Some organizations use multiple AD Domains and create separate device groups based on this.


Release : 14.3x


Feature Request: Add AD Domain to the column availability in the Device Grid and have it sortable.

Current Behavior: Unable to view and sort by AD Domain.

Desired Behavior: Allow the check of AD Domain as a viewable and sortable column in the grid.

Reason for the Feature: Policy and configurations differ in many domains, so proper identification of domain is essential to sort systems into their correct domain groups in the console. Without this, A user must rely on naming schemes, which is difficult to both figure out, remember, and sometimes systems are not in naming schemes. This makes correct domain group designation difficult and time consuming.