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FT DC functionality


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I need to know if after a poller comes back online does the cluster go back to its original state?  Based on what I am seeing the answer is no.  For example:  I have a 3 node cluster, A and B are active C is the “standby”.  B goes down so C became active, restoring the 2 active node cluster, however when B comes back online it appears to now stay in standby and not go back to the active state.  So now I have A and C active and B as the standby but ideally it would go back to its original state ( A and B active and C standby).  Is what I am seeing what is expected?  Meaning it will not automatically return to its original state?


Dx NetOps Performance Management 22.2.x version


Failover DC's should not be thought of as primary / secondary / tertiary

They should be considered a pool of DC's that need to be able to poll the same device(s)

So yes, if you have 3 collectors where A and B are active, and C is the “standby” .... and now B goes down and C becomes active.  Once B is restored, it is now the 'standby' collector.  C will remain the active collector.  This is normal functionality



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