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With the option "Execute Recurring", the first job execution is not scheduled to start at time frame defined.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When executing an object using "Execute Recurring" with configuration as below to start the next day from 12AM to 11.59PM, the first job will not start at 12AM, while it will start at 1 AM the next day.


Result: The first execution starts at 1AM instead of 12:00AM



Release : 12.3.x, 21.x


It is by design that during the initial calculation of the first start interval the next start interval is calculated as the first segment of the hour that lies between the 00:00-23:59, which is 01:00. After the first execution it will get executed correctly from now on, in intervals of 1h.

Workaround 1 - Create an execution that will execution at mid-night

Workaround 2 - Use a JSCH to start the job - create an entry for each hour.