Add MAT on additional LPARs to Sysplex
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Add MAT on additional LPARs to Sysplex


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Mainframe Application Tuner


How to add Mainframe Application Tuner to additional LPARs (in a Sysplex)

What changes and software is needed?


Release : 12.0


For the new LPAR(s) to get MAT implemented it is needed to perform and check the next options:

1. Verify that the new LPARs are able to access the UTRGIF used in the other LPARs (Shared DASD)
2. APF Authorize the CEESPLD and the CEY3LOAD library on the additional LPARs
3. If these LPARs have additional DB2 subsystems execute the TNBINDJ from the UTRSAMP for all DB2 system planned to be used for measurements
4. If there is CICS customization execute on the existing LPARs, execute the same steps for all CICS regions to be used for measurements
5. Then you are ready to bring up the MAT task

Some additional points to check:

If the LPARs are on z/OS 2.5, it is needed to have PTF LU05141 (which solves an issue in SYSPLEX), else the main thing is the need to run MAT CORE server in all LPARs, with the same GIF( which means it has to be shared) and all the servers need to have same GRPNAME value  and SYSPLEX=YES.

The GUI server(the tomcat server) needs to be only one and it will communicate with all. 

Step 3 (DB2) and step 4 (CICS) can be done via TRCUST CLIST step 9 and 10.