GSVX001E Invalid command - PRT 
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GSVX001E Invalid command - PRT 


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


Migrated from SYSVIEW V15 to SYSVIEW V17.

The command "PRT" is no more available in release 17.0.

In V15.0, "PRT" displays JPRINTER view

In V17.0, "PRT" command issues:

GSVX001E Invalid command - PRT  


"PR" command is still working.



Release 17.0

Release 16.0


PRT is not a valid command in releases 17.0 and 16.0.  However, with a certain mix of maintenance on (in 15.0 or 16.0) the PRT command displays the JPRINTER screen if SDSFMIGRATE is ON in the profile.  

Issue QUERY SDSFMIGRATE to determine this.
In 15.0 ( if the PTF SO10211 is applied but not PTF SO10670) the PRT command was converted to JPRINTER by the GSVXSDSX command exit that is used when SDSFMIGRATE is ON .

With SO10670 on the PRT will be an invalid command (as intended).
In 17.0 the PRT command will always be an invalid command.

In order to have the command PRT in 17.0 (Or 16.0) go to the JPRINTER pannel  it is necessary to define PRT in the JPRINTER profile as a Synonym by doing the following:


Note: Only CA SYSVIEW administrators can change the DEFAULT profile.

1. Issue the following command:


The Profile Selection displays.

2. Enter S to the left of the JPRINTER command and press Enter.
The new selection displays.

3. Enter S to the left of the Synonyms section and press Enter.
The section that you selected displays.

4.Add PRT as a new synonym and press Enter to complete the updates and issue the RETURN command.
You return to the previous display.

PRT is defined as new Synonym for JPRINTER command.

Additional Information

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