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Justified TextField not justified in PDF generated with Jasper report


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Justified TextField not properly justified in PDF generated with Jasper report.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Copy the bulleted text from word document into any source system. Example: Used here is description field of Investment object
    •	CME
    •	NMS Power Integration for existing sites
  2. Create a studio report with “justified” text aligned field for the above

Preview report via Jaspersoft studio 7.9
Export report to PDF via Jaspersoft studio

Expected result:

The PDF export of the bulleted text as per how it appeared in studio preview

Actual result:

The PDF export shows overlapped text


Clarity 16.1 and Jaspersoft 7.8


Special characters from the source word document breaking the bulleted text in PDF export


Tibco recommends workaround to use left, right or center formatting in the report as an alternate to justified, OR  to manually adjust the spacial characters, i.e. For example: Notepad ++ >> View setting show symbols> show all characters removing tab character key fallowed by spaces.



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