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Back Up SSLv Configuration Settings


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SSL Visibility Appliance Software


It's important to back up your SSL Visibility configuration settings on a regular basis. 


You can perform a Full Backup or back up a particular element of the system configuration:

  • Policy only—Includes inspection services, rulesets, segments, and lists (such as distinguished names, domain names, and host categorization)
  • PKI only—Includes local resigning and external CAs, CRLs, trusted certificates, known certificates and keys, management trust, client certificates and keys, and HSM appliances.
  • Platform—All configurable settings on the Platform Management menu, such as management network, SNMP, remote logging, date/time, authentication, alerts, and login banner.

To back up the configuration:

  1. From the ( Platform Management ) menu, select Backup/Restore
    .The Backup tab opens. 
  2. Select the type of backup: Full Backup, Policy only, PKI only, or Platform only.
  3. Enter a Password and Confirm Password. You will need to provide this same password when restoring this configuration.
  4. Click OK. The file is saved with a .bin extension in the default downloads folder on your local system. The filename includes a designation of the type of backup (full, policy, pki, or platform), the software version and build number, and date and time the file was created. All backup files created on the SSL Visibility appliance are encrypted for security.