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UVMS Filesystem full due to huge .dat file in uvmsdb folder related to UNI_UV_USERSETTINGS


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Suddenly, the UVMS filesystem was full due to a huge .dat file that increased abnormously to several GB, like below:


-rw-r--r--. 1 univadm univgrp 2.9G Nov 21 08:19 c1060.dat

Over the week, the file could increase 1GB each week with no reason.

No particular operation was done at the UVMS level.

While reading the file with a text editor, it seem that the file contained the content of the table UNI_UV_USERSETTINGS, but this table only contained 3 rows, so the size is completely abnormal.


Release : 6.9 and superior

Component: UVMS using the Internal Derby Database


Unknown, most likely a Derby database bug.


Workaround to reduce the db size:

The procedure would be:

1. Stop uvms

2. Backup the folder <uvms_folder>/data/data/uvmsdb

3. Go to the folder <uvms_folder>/app/bin and launch

./uniderby -q "truncate table UNI_UV_USERSETTINGS"

4. Start uvms