APM - Password encryption for properties file
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APM - Password encryption for properties file


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DX Application Performance Management


Trying to deploy an extension to the IBM-MQ Infrastructure agent bundle. The newer versions of MQ require a service account and password for access. These options are provided in the configuration, however, there is not a documented facility to encrypt the password that goes in the file.  In older agents this is done at runtime and the agent takes the cleartext password and encrypts it and rewrites the properties file.  This is not suitable for deploying as bundles. 

How does one encrypt a clear test password to enter it into the configuration file (bundles.properties) for distribution?


I have found references to using:

"scripts\encrypt_password" - this does not exist in apmia agent of Java agent
"tools\*Utilities.jar" - - this does not exist in apmia agent of Java agent and can't find the community post where I originally found it.

I have been putting the password in the oracle agent as clear test and letting the agent encrypt it on startup.  Then removing the encrypted password and adding it to the MQ configuration.  This works but seems like a ridiculous kluge and NOT a process I wish to standardize on or document.  

What is the best way to encrypt a cleartext password for the MQ extension before adding it to the bundle.properties file?



Release : 22.1


We are not shipping propertiesutil.jar since 10.7 GA, 





There is a shell/batch script inside the <EM Instal path>/tools/SHA2Encoder.sh, that customer can use to encrypt the password.