Configuring SEP Mobile multitenancy with Intune integration
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Configuring SEP Mobile multitenancy with Intune integration


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Endpoint Protection Mobile


SEP Mobile offers support for multitenancy when integrating with Intune, meaning that multiple SEP Mobile environments are able to be synced with one Intune instance (i.e multiple SEP Mobile MC's can integrate using the same Intune directory ID). 


Multiple SEP Mobile MC's, or Managed Threat Defense (MTD) instances, all of which require integration with a single Intune directory ID.  


These are the requirements to enable the SEP Mobile - Intune multitenancy configuration successfully: 

- Ensure that distinct device sync groups are used for the different MCs / MTDs (please refer to step 8.9 in the Intune integration guide)
- If the MCs being used do not share a SEP Mobile data center (i.e. if all MCs are accessed via different URLs) then no additional steps are necessary
- If the MCs being used for multitenancy do reside on the same data center, then the following error will appear when attempting to add the Intune directory ID: 

Note: There is no automatic notification sent to Broadcom Support when this message appears - if the above message is seen, please open a Support case and request assistance enabling Intune multitenancy with SEP Mobile.  Please inform the Support engineer that an Engineering ticket will be needed to complete the multitenancy override, and refer to this article if needed. 

Also be aware that iOS app sync is enabled by default for a new Intune integration, so if this is not planned for use in the newly integrated MC that is important information to share with Support.  

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