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Can non-mobile devices be synced to the SEP Mobile MC?


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Endpoint Protection Mobile


During administration of a SEP Mobile Management Console (MC) which is integrated with an MDM solution, the question arises of whether non-mobile devices could be synced to the MC if their MDM device record ended up in one of the device groups listed in the MC.  


SEP Mobile MC integrated with a 3rd-party MDM solution and syncing mobile devices based on MDM device group membership. 

While ideally mobile devices (iOS or Android) would be separated into distinct groups from non-mobile devices (Windows, Mac, etc...), due to the hierarchical nature of MDM group structure it is still possible that a non-mobile device could be interpreted as having membership in one of the groups being synced in the MC. 

(It would obviously be undesirable to sync a non-mobile device to the MC, as it cannot ever install the SEP Mobile app and would therefore be perpetually reported as non-compliant to the MDM once synced.)  


The MC's sync logic includes a built-in filter mechanism to discard device records for any device not running Android or iOS.  Therefore it is not possible to sync Windows or other non-mobile devices to the MC.  

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