How agents will behave after stop the cluster
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How agents will behave after stop the cluster


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


 How the agents will behave after stopping APM cluster for a long time (few days, weeks)?

If we shut down one APM cluster to limit license usage. The question is: can we leave the instrumented applications for a few days without connection to APM cluster? Will this have a negative impact on the application?




Release : 10.7.0


Completely stopping em cluster will have the below impact 

1: All monitoring data will be lost until the em is up.  As agent wont store any collected data ,

2: Any integration with APM EM with other tool will be impacted .

3: If any agent side intergration with other tool , like site monder SSO , Infrastucture agent etc ,that data  too will be lost.

4: Agent logs will  be keep on writing  that there is connectivity issue , and if logs wont roll back properly  then  disk space will be used .

5: Ideally it should not  effect  application side, but in case  you have test environment can check 1st there.