Upgrading a Z/OS manager from to 6.10.16 fails at startup
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Upgrading a Z/OS manager from to 6.10.16 fails at startup


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After having fulfilled the upgrade the Z/OS Manager is not able to startup:

Error in the logs:

 |2022-12-26|04:44:46|WARN |X|ZOS|pid=50331715.360521728|o_zos_srv_run            |error during authentication initialization
 |2022-12-26|04:44:46|WARN |X|ZOS|pid=50331715.360525824|uvms_sync_in_mvs         |No sync data. Performing full synchronization.
 |2022-12-26|04:45:58|ERROR|X|ZOS|pid=50331715.360517632|o_zos_auth_client        |o_zos_trt_hello_req in error [-1]

Following error may appear in ISPF

Incorrect port number and Error loading the environment of the z/OS Manager


Release : 6.10 of the Z/OS Manager


The registration of the Z/OS manager against the UVMS was unsuccessful.


The cause of the problem can be different.

1. Network problem, the UVMS node is not reachable. This can be verified from ping command and telnet commands on UVMS and Z/OS node. On Z/OS these two instructions are interactive command accessible via the TSO interface. ('tso ping ....' and 'tso telnet .....'. or via the ISPF interface option 6.

2. The other reason for the registration failure is (mostly the case) that the Z/OS Manager from the previous version was not deleted in from the Administration ==> Node Views windows. In this case open a UVC session against the related UVMS and browse the Node View in the Administration Section, locate the Z/OS Manager from the elder version and delete it. Proceed once again with the registration of the Z/OS manager in the updated version. This should fix the problem, Manager will start up and will be operational.

Additional Information

To check if the registration was successful, connect to Z/OS system and browse with ISPF the DSN <MGR4ZOS>.DATA.AUTH and check if the member PHRASKEY is present.

Check also if the user that starts the manager has read access to this file.

If this file is missing this means that something went wrong during the registration.