WS_REST Job does not print the value of output FILE path
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WS_REST Job does not print the value of output FILE path


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


On a WS_REST Uproc, where the Output is set to FILE, the Job Log does not contain the output file path as the documentation says:

FILE to retrieve the web service response into a file. Enter the file full name in the field File path. The file name is written to the job log file but not the response content, which size may exceed 2 GB.

Expected behavior: In Job Log, we should find the output full file path written
Actual behavior: In Job Log, the output full file path is not written


Release : 6.x

Component: Application.Server

Context: Manager for Web Services using a WS_REST Uproc




Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

Fix version(s): 
Component: Dollar Universe
Dollar Universe 6.10.111 - Planned to be released in March 2023

Additional Information

Public short description EN: On a WS_REST job, when defining an output variable of type FILE, the value is not printed into job log as described in documentation
Public description EN: Added a trace for both FILE & STORED variable output type