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MRI DB2 Report Status Failed end of file character


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MRI Db2 for z/OS Report


Uploaded a MRI DB2 Report to the Datacenter and got status Failed with the following error message. 
Db2tools service failed with error: JSON 1 is 
invalid - Unexpected token  in JSON at position

The position 113994 was at the end of the file.


Release : 1.0

MRI Db2 for z/OS Report 


The extra line/character  was introduced by the File Transfer program when the MRI DB2 Report JSON data set was transferred from z/OS to PC.
You have to double check the File Transfer program settings and be sure it is configured there is not any extra/character introduced as the end of file. 
For example in the IBM Personal Communications emulator program you can remove this extra character with 'set RemoveEOFChar=Y' parameter in ws-profile.  
The manual workaround was to delete manually this extra line/character and the MRI DB2 Report got the status Complete