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Trying to setup AWS SNS to send alarms to OI


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Trying to setup AWS SNS to receive alarms in OI. It seems like it may not be possible by default.

We have ingestion endpoint where we can send alarms to OI.
Using the above endpoint we can successfully send the alarms to OI via postman.
But when using AWS SNS, it is not working. The AWS SNS requires the endpoint to do subscription confirmation which we think by default not possible in OI. Take a look for details about AWS SNS.
On on AWS UI the OI endpoint continue to show waiting for confirmation.
We also looked at the restmon and we do not see that we have any out of box schema available for AWS SNS integration.

Do we know how can we handle this? Is it possible to integrate AWS SNS with OI?


Release : 22.1


Currently, it is not possible to use AWS SNS directly with OI Ingestion endpoint as SNS requires subscription confirmation. 

As an alternative option you can evaluate using AWS EventBridge to send alarms to OI. 

Please see the link below for more details.