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REST calls to display attributes for a given call request


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Following up on KB Article 45577 to use SOAPUI with REST, when running REST calls to display a given ticket, the URL I am using is http://SERVER:8050/caisd-rest/cr/400052, where 400052 is the ID number of the request.

Is there any way to get more information out of this call, such as the summary or the priority of the same request?


Release : 17.3

CA Service Desk Manager - REST Web Services


Generally speaking, there are several kinds of attributes one can obtain.

SREL attributes are the ones whose values are tied to another table.  This includes attributes such as assignee (links to contact table) or Priority (links to the Priority table).   For these, one can add the attribute name to obtain the value, ie: http://SERVER:8050/caisd-rest/cr/400052/priority to view the Priority of the given cr object.

To obtain the other attributes, one needs to include the "X-Obj-Attrs" among the headers (same place where one enters the "X-AccessKey" header) and assign a value denoting the attributes of interest.  Using "*" will display all such attributes, including the SREL, BREL, and direct data types such as INTEGER or STRING based attributes.

If there is interest in just a select few of the attributes, such as summary or description, a value such as "summary,description" on this header will work.


Additional Information

One can run the command "bop_sinfo -d cr" to view all attributes on the cr object.