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Upgrade the CICS version, actions over InterTest and SymDump VSAM data sets


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InterTest - CICS


Upgrade the CICS version with InterTest and SymDump installed. 

Is there any action needed for the below InterTest and SymDump VSAM data sets as part of migration ?

PROTCPF (Check point file)
PROTMLOG (Debug file)
PROTSYM (Symbolic file) 
PROTHLF (Help file)
PROTUHF (User Help file)
PROTDMP(Dump file)



Release : 11.0


The PROTSYM and PROTHLF file can be shared by multiple CICS regions. So these files are never a problem.
PROTSYM is the Symbolic file and PROTHLF is the Help file. 
The other files cannot be shared between multiple CICS regions. There must be a UNIQUE file per CICS region.
So if two versions of CICS have to be upgraded in parallel - at the same time during testing, unique files to each region have to be defined.