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Group tag filter is not working in Portal


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Service Virtualization


Group tag filter is not working in Portal, I am attaching the screenshot where I have selected the Group tag Filter "auto" but the virtual services with other group tags and no tags are also there. So the group tag filter is not working in portal.

Observed the same issue in 2 different VSE for same registry. However the in another Portal, VSEs of other Registry do not have this issue.


Release : 10.x


This has been identified as a product bug where the group tag filter is not working if there any Recording entry in that VSE. 


There is a defect open for this issue that will be fixed in next release. There are couple of workaround options that can be used to make the filter work correctly. 

1. Delete the recordings from the VSE.


2. First apply the "category" column filter for Virtual Services as below. Group tag filter will now work correctly for the virtual services.