Inventory Task Error 2147221005
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Inventory Task Error 2147221005


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Client Management Suite IT Management Suite Inventory Solution


After upgrading from version 8.6 RU2 to 8.6 RU3, some devices are unable to run inventory tasks. It throws an "unknown" exception.




Release: 8.6


Altiris Inventory Agent not installed.


Ensure that the Inventory Solution plug-in installation policy is enabled.

Note that In some cases it may be enabled but not running on clients. Often this is corrected by changing the installation schedule on the installation policy from Run Once ASAP by schedule. The recommendation is to create a schedule time, with no edits (midnight, no repeat) which acts like an ASAP to install immediately once the targeted endpoints receive the policy. Add a scheduled window as a backup up, set to check once per hour and to repeat daily. As long as the target is either the default or includes the dynamic filters used in the default as a starting point of the target, the clients will fall out of the target after installing the Inventory Agent. 

Additional Information

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