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Delete Investments Job Completes but Not All Investments are Deleted - Null Pointer


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The delete investment job completes but some investments are not deleted

ERROR 2022-11-22 19:47:46,776 [Dispatch Delete Investments and Time Reporting Periods : ... Delete Investments and Time Reporting Periods) Exception thrown during team record delete operation: null


Release : 15.9.3, 16.03, 16.1


The error may show on deleting the team, but this is part of the bigger delete assignment portion.

The null pointer error is caused by orphan assignments.  These assignments have no associated tasks.

Because of this, the job cannot find associated tasks to delete from the investment.

Note that the assignment does have a TEAM_ID so it knows which investment, but the task is missing so the job cannot complete the script to delete the investment.



You can find orphan assignments with script:

select * from prassignment where prtaskid not in
(select prid from prtask)


If records are returned contact Broadcom Support for resolution.