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ATC Dashboard : APM Min - Max Data in Grafana Dashboard


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CA Application Performance Management SaaS


There are 2 different components here.

1. Metric view: ATC will query DB and get respective metrics and show it, it consists of Avg response time, Min and max of Avg response times at a single data point.

How do we get this Min and Max from ATC into Grafana?

2. Grafana: Grafana has its own field controls, it calculates min and max values based on the Avg response time it has received from APM/ATC and show us the same in dashboard. these min and max values in Grafana are not same as what we see in ATC.

ATC Min and Max values are at data points level

Grafana Min and Max are for time range level.

The ask is how to get Min and Max values of APM/ATC into Grafana?


Release : SAAS




Per engineering, for all timeseries metric data we can use all or any of the metric value in dashboard.

in UI under additional filters we can see options available like Min,max,value,count for a data point.

Please refer the documentation here: