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Service Desk Tomcat on server connected to ITPAM continuously dying


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Since last week, we have reports of tickets created in Service Point/Catalog not producing SDM ticket numbers. Most of the tickets were in 'Pending Fulfillment' status. Recycling the pdm_tomcat_nxd on the SDM server listed as the ITPAM connection clears the problem. Since yesterday, the PAM is also needing recycle since some tickets are now appearing in 'Submit' status, although these also sometimes continue processing after tomcat recycle.

We need help identifying the cause of the webservice disconnect. One error appeared, indicating the SSL connection to PAM could not be made. The import of the itpam.cer into the SDM was done again. We did not recycle SDM afterwards but that error cleared.


Release : 17.3

CA Service Desk Manager


In the jsrvr.log, one will find:

XX/XX 07:25:17.817[http-nio-8080-exec-5] INFO  usdsda ? Web Services session created 1305631541; user(ServiceDesk); IP(XX.XX.XX.XX); session count 161 

The main concern is the session count.  Web Services calls should be creating a session, performing its tasks, then close the session.  Sessions should be created as needed and closed out when activity is finished. 

What is happening here is an accumulation of web services sessions that are not closing out.  The session count should be small, not over 10 sessions at any given time.


Examine the architecture of the SDM Server as well as the PAM functionality or any web services functionality, to see if sessions are not terminating correctly or if other activity on the same SDM Server is also taking place.  Depending on system design, a dedicated SDM Server for just web services calls may address the issue.