CASB ignoring firewall content filter
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CASB ignoring firewall content filter


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CASB Gateway Advanced CASB Advanced Threat Protection CASB Audit CASB Gateway CASB Security Advanced CASB Security Advanced IAAS CASB Security Premium CASB Security Premium IAAS CASB Security Standard CASB Securlet IAAS CASB Securlet SAAS CASB Securlet SAAS With DLP-CDS


When using content filtering with the firewall and the WSS Agent is installed the content filtering is ignored


License was changed from a WSS full license to a WSS CASB-Only license. 

When the change was made the licensing did not change on that backend

WSSA continued to pass all data to WSS instead of only CASB gatelet traffic.


Due to licensing change from WSS full to WSS Casb-only the wss agent was steering all traffic instead of only CASB traffic.  Engineering needed to make a change on the backend.

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