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Storage accounts not removed from cloud console when deleted from Azure


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Cloud Workload Protection for Storage


Storage accounts are not removed from the cloud console when deleted in Azure.


The default CU assest sync call had been changed.

Disabling the CU asset sync call.
          > Navigate to CWPS storage account
          > Open Tables from the storage browser
          > Select "settings" table
          > Double click on CONTROLLER COMMON row
                      > Click on Add Property 
                      > Create String property configSettings__enableManualAssetSync and set it to false.
                                      like:-  configSettings__enableManualAssetSync String false
          > Restart Controller service by login to CU instance for reflecting the changes.
             Run following command on CU
                     service spe-azure-protection-controller-service restart

Note: If we disable asset sync, then storage accounts will not be auto deleted from Console if they are removed from Azure Platform. The only way to remove storage accounts is from Console or Command Gateway



Change the above setting for conSettings_enableManualAssetSync