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When launching ixp Admin tool we get a fatal Error


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CA Workload Automation iXP


Hi Team,

Ixp Admin tool is showing below error for user<Firstname Lastname>(<Firstname Lastname>@domain. com) in both PRD & RLS:

Can you please help us solve this?


Release : 11.4


So USERNAME being empty for your desktop profile is the trigger issue for iXp (reproduced below).
You might be able to trick your OS by setting that value in Windows->EnvSettings but that is probably frowned upon by your IT Admins.

I think the fact that your USERNAME is blank is an OS/Admin issue that Broadcom cannot fix;
we have provided some workarounds you can use until such time as your IT Admins can respond/correct the issue.

Possible workaround:
1. Running ixp.exe from CMD.exe run-as Administrator allowed the user to log in normally.
2. Edge continues to run iXp successfully, probably due to some additional permission Edge has on Windows.