GSV2094E for Dynamic SMF Logstream Definitions
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GSV2094E for Dynamic SMF Logstream Definitions


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


Trying to change the SMF log record types by using the ASADMIN and recycling the SMFDATA task. 

Was only able to change the SMF record types by changing SMFDATA and recycling SYSVIEW itself  with "COLD" start.

Adding to SMFDATA "DynamicSMFLogstreamDefinitions   COLD" to pick up the changes. 

Changing SMFDATA to record type 65s and then recycling SMFDATA through the ASADMIN command and this still was showing the type 30, 70, and 90s.

Also trying the "LOAD SMFDATA" from DSMFLOG to check how this command affected DSMFLOG and getting the following:

GSV2094E <keyword> parameter too long, max length is 12




SYSVIEW 17.0 - z/OS supported releases - 


The SMFDATA member should be the same and some changes must be added in the SVWVDSLB member. 

The LOG statement should be:

LOG     *:*:EXCLUDE    
LOG     030:4-6:INCLUDE 
LOG     065:*:INCLUDE 
LOG     070:001:INCLUDE 
LOG     090:040:INCLUDE 

It's preferred to have the LOG statements in the SVWVDSLB member, not in the SMFDATA member and keep them all in the same member.

After this change, go to the DSMFLOGS screen and do the LOAD SVWVDSLB, do not use the LOAD SMFDATA.

The LOG definitions are in the SVWVDSLB member.

Additional Information

If running with Dynamic SMF Log Streams, the parameters should be loaded with 'LOAD SVWVDSLB' which is the new member for Dynamic SMF Log Streams.  

There is a write-up on converting from SMFDATA to SVWVDSLB in SYSVIEW 17.0 documentation. 

Migrate from a Single Log Stream to Dynamic SMF LOG Streams