SAP R3 Variant name truncates if underscore used as last character
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SAP R3 Variant name truncates if underscore used as last character


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


If we use an underscore '_' as the last character of the variant name - It is cut off independent of the length of the name.

Example : If the variant is named as SAP_TEST_  When the job is executed the ''_" is truncated and the job fails as it looks for SAP_TEST instead of the actual variant with the ''_"


Release : 12.3


Component: Automation Engine

Sub Component(s): SAP Agent


This is by design based on the default configuration found in the HEADER.SAP object in client 0 


In the object, HEADER.SAP in Client 0 by default there is a line (as below)


The '_' is a default value, so that longer lines are broken down in the editor, Which is why the last '_' is always removed by default.
You  can either change or remove this in the HEADER.SAP object from client 0.

Note: Changes in the HEADER.SAP would cascade the settings to all the SAP jobs across clients. If you do not wish to make this change please follow the below workaround.


If you are using an underscore as the last character in your Variant Name then put the Variant under quotes.

When you choose the variant from the interactive menu a process line is generated in the process tab - This is where you will have add the quotes ' '  ( As shown in the example below ) 



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