Corruption in files state.ini or winconf.ini
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Corruption in files state.ini or winconf.ini


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Sometimes after a reboot of computer, the files state.ini and/or winconf.ini files are corrupted.

As a consequence a lot of SXP Packages are uninstalled.



Client Automation 14.5


  • Open a case at CA Broadcom technical Support requesting the fix for tngsma.dll. (T5IZ472)
Remark : Fix T5IZ472 is included in patch CU7
  • Fix T437414 could also be requested to correct more case of corrupted state.ini/winconf.ini
This fix delivers the files :
ccsini32.dll - 10 May 2024 - 42 488 bytes
sd_RdCnf.dll - 10 May 2024 - 38 392 bytes
sxpccnf.dll - 10 May 2024 - 37 880 bytes

Additional Information

With the new tngsma.dll, no direct changes to the INI files are made anymore.

When some modification is needed, the entire content of the file is loaded into the memory and update is made in the memory. After update the content is written into an intermediate file and later renamed to the winconf.ini/state.ini file after deleting the existing file.