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Proactive Notification - SMTP SSL port support to be released in AA SP4 (9.1.04)


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CA Strong Authentication


This is a Proactive Notification that Support for SMTP SSL port (like port 587) will be added in 9.1.04 release (aka AA SP4). AA SP4 is currently slated to be officially released by end of March 2023.



Release : 9.1


Proactive Notification


Broadcom is beta testing this feature now (December 2022 onwards). If customers are willing to participate in a validation of this feature, Broadcom will be happy to share the required binaries that can be easily applied for testing in a test environment. In addition, Broadcom  would like to demo this feature to its customers and Broadcom support may reach out to AA customers proactively to arrange a demo of this feature. 

Please reach out with a support case in case you would like to participate in beta testing or you would like a demo of this feature.

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