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Adding States to Features - Add Cancelled State to Features


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


I would like to add an extra State to the end of my State field 

My States for Features are currently Discovering, Developing, Measuring and Done.  I would like to add a State called Cancelled as the last State for my Features.


Adding a state can throw off the CFD and Cycle Time metrics.

We recommend using a boolean custom field to track Cancelled Features.  

"Canceled" is similar to "Expedite".  Note, Expedite is a custom boolean field.  Also, you can be in any state value when something gets canceled or expedited.  States should flow from left to right and should represent the lifecycle of the object.  Adding "Canceled" or "Shelved" as a final state is an anti-pattern and we do not recommend this.  Now that Rally has introduced Cycle Time and CFD on the portfolio items this can throw off metrics.