Exporting List of Tickets in Service Desk Manager Unsuccessful after Upgrade
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Exporting List of Tickets in Service Desk Manager Unsuccessful after Upgrade


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


After upgrading to RU17. customer reported that they were unable to export a list of tickets in Service Desk Manager from a node through the Queue Manager.  Issue is specific to export function (tomcat and attachment access works fine)


Release : 17.3


When attempting to run the Export, the following logs are seen:

12/20 12:26:39.22 SDM-SERVER pdm_exporter            9628 SIGNIFICANT  pdm_exporter.c         150 Connected to server SDM-SERVER (domsrvr)
12/20 12:26:39.23 SDM-SERVER pdm_exporter            9628 SIGNIFICANT  nx_exporter.c         1643 Export (pdmweb:SDM-SERVER#7641170b:1852ff65109:-7fff-7244-5) started for Userid(USER1) Factory(cr) Where((assignee IS NOT NULL AND group.[group]group_list.member IN (U'######')) AND active = 1 AND type = 'R')
12/20 12:26:39.34 SDM-SERVER pdm_exporter            9628 ERROR        nx_exporter.c         1581 No matches found for definition file (1003)
12/20 12:26:39.35 SDM-SERVER pdm_exporter            9628 SIGNIFICANT  nx_exporter.c         1680 Export (pdmweb:SDM-SERVER#7641170b:1852ff65109:-7fff-7244-5) completed after (0.123) seconds.
12/20 12:26:39.35 SDM-SERVER domsrvr                 8704 SIGNIFICANT  connmgr.c             2410 Disconnecting client pdm_exporter-SDM-SERVER-#9628

Similar logging found in jsrvr.log:

12/20 12:36:39.230 [https-openssl-nio-8443-exec-3] INFO  PDMExport 965 Export Servlet Initialized
12/20 12:36:39.230 [https-openssl-nio-8443-exec-3] INFO  PDMExport 1007 In PDMExport.init()
12/20 12:36:39.230 [https-openssl-nio-8443-exec-3] INFO  PDMExport 1022 NX_CHARSET: UTF-8
12/20 12:36:39.230 [Thread-18] INFO  PDMExport 1562 added request id : pdmweb:SDM-SERVER#7641170b:1852ff65109:-7fff-7244-5 to hashtable
12/20 12:36:39.230 [Thread-18] ERROR PDMExport 1549 Got Reply Error (3) AHD13104:Export Process exited or is not responding
12/20 12:36:39.230 [https-openssl-nio-8443-exec-10] ERROR PDMExport 425 Export object not found!

For some reason "r17_3_17_insert.dat" was not loaded in the post install steps in prod.


Manually run "pdm_load -f r17_3_XX_insert.dat" (r17_3_17_insert.dat) in the NX_ROOT/data folder and this should resolve the issue

NOTE: Please check the following when installing RU patch.

- When launched RU install (setup.exe), right click on the setup.exe and select "Run as administrator".
- When unzipped the RU patch, select to a local drive (not network drive) and run the setup.exe.
- When installing the RU patch, ensure the "Running Post installation steps for CA Service Desk Manager Update(s):" on the Installation Progress screen.
- Ensure that the setup path does not contain a long path (folder) name.

Additional Information

Another thing to look for is that after running the RU update, the NX.env settings may need to be reviewed, in particular, the NX_LOCAL_SERVLET_SERVER_URL and NX_SERVLET_SERVER_URL settings for export functionality.

Values such as these are of particular interest:

@NX_WEB_CGI_URL=http://[EXAMPLE SERVER]:80/CAisd/pdmweb.exe
@NX_CAEXTWF_WORKLIST_URL=https://[EXAMPLE SERVER]:8443/itpam?page=tasklist
@NX_CAEXTWF_PROCESSDISPLAY_URL=https://[EXAMPLE SERVER]:8443/itpam/Web.jsp?page=runtimeeditor&ROID=

Depending on your local requirements, the above may need to be changed to reflect specific SSL protocols, ports, or load balancer settings:

@NX_WEB_CGI_URL=https://[EXAMPLE SERVER]/CAisd/pdmweb.exe
@NX_CAEXTWF_WORKLIST_URL=https://[EXAMPLE SERVER]:443/itpam?page=tasklist
@NX_CAEXTWF_PROCESSDISPLAY_URL=https://[EXAMPLE SERVER]:443/itpam/Web.jsp?page=runtimeeditor&ROID=

Server names are generally case sensitive, ie:  SERVER.example.com vs server.example.com